Bitumen Sprayer Manufacturer

Our company is tagged as reliable manufacturer of Bitumen Sprayer essential for road building. The Bitumen Sprayer range comprises of Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer and Trolley Mounted Emulsion Sprayer. Highly demanded in the market, these sprayers are known for its efficacious performance and durability.

The Bitumen pressure distributors offered by us, gives uniform, unbroken and prescribed quantity of hot bitumen or emulsion. Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer is mostly used during the construction of roads and other construction projects, where the use of bitumen is essential. Each unit of Spryer is loaded with digital speed indicator, driver control system and moisture separator for clean & dry air.

The storage capacity of Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer is huge and can be operated continuously for longer period of time. It makes use of blowers and burners to maintain the heat which prevents the bitumen from solidifying. It is best suited for Asphalt and Emulsion Spraying.

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Salient Features of Bitumen Sprayer

  • Bitumen tank is Rectangular Oval Shape.
  • Heavy duty jacketed Asphalt pump
  • Digital speed Indicator
  • Unique Pressure Cleaning System
  • Positive displacement gear Pump with output of 350 Lit. / Min. (Max)
  • Capacity : 6000 Liters


We hold specialty in manufacturing and supplying Bitumen Pressure Distributor made from advanced technology. This Pressure Distributor is capable of applying unvarying, unbroken and prescribed quantity of hot bitumen or cold emulsion on a specified area. All the parts of Bitumen Sprayer are highly durable and suited for tough Indian conditions.


Our company is incorporated in manufacturing and exporting Truck Mounted Bitumen Sprayer made from premium quality components. This bitumen sprayer is accessible in range of bitumen tank capacities, our Skid Mounted Bitumen Sprayers are suitable to be mounted on standard truck chassis, hot bitumen and emulsion spraying.


We are firmly engaged in manufacturing Emulsion Sprayer used for surface dressing applications and tack coat work in road construction and other construction projects, where bitumen is of most use. This sprayer consists of 3 Ton Capacity with heating arrangement. This bitumen emulsion sprayer is fortified with a dust remover for a better result.